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Web Development 2 (DS4102)


This course, together with Web Development 1, aims to give students knowledge of and skills in the most central technologies within web development. Web Development 2 teaches the most commonly used JavaScript framework/library and gives an introduction to development on the backend side. The students will understand how a web application is connected from database (or another data source) to the implementation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) against the database through a web interface.   

Learning Outcomes


The student.. 

  • understands what a JavaScript framework/library is
  • understands how and why we use JavaScript frameworks
  • knows the advantages of using an architecture pattern (such as MVC)
  • knows how front-end and back-end are connected in a web application that includes a database (or another data source) 


The student...

  • is able to work with a JavaScript framework/library to among other generate HTML, keep state, event handling and more
  • is able to work with a backend project
  • is able to work with a database (or other data source)
  • is able to perform CRUD against database (or other data source) through a web interface

General Competence

The student...

  • has gained experience in creating web applications that include both front-end and back-end development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, backend and database (or other data source)


Bachelor in Information Technology - E-business

Bachelor in Information Technology - Interactive design

Learning activities

12 lectures of 4 hours each including lab exercises, that is exercises throughout the lecture.

Student work load

Participation in teaching and supervision - 48 hours

Self-study - 52 hours

Independent preparation for presentation / discussion in class - 0 hours

Student work with projects, productions, assignments, etc. - 0 hours

Independent practice / lab work / practical work individually or in groups - 40 hours

Examination and preparation for the exam - 60 hours

Recommended total time - 200 hours


  • HTML-editor, like Brackets, Atom, Visual Studio Code

  • IDE for working in backend

Compulsory assignments

Coursework requirements: Consist of one written assignment that must be approved

Individual qualification: G/IG (approved/not approved)  

Execution: May be solved in groups of 1-3 students

Verifiable (right of appeal): Yes

Coursework requirements is to be handed or conducted in accordance with information given by the lecturer.

Coursework requirements is to be carried out within the duration of the course and is registered as approved/not approved at least two weeks before the exam/period of exam.

Approved coursework requirements grant permission to take exams. Not approved coursework requirements results in the student’s withdrawal from the exam.


Exam type: Written home examination, individual or in groups (2-5 students)

Duration: 4 weeks 

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail

Weighting: 100 % of the overall grade

Support materials: All support materials are permitted 

Re-sit examination

Resit examination: Indivudual submission of revised or new written home exam within one week

Re-sit coursework requirement: Individual submission of coursework requirement in improved or new version

Teaching materials

Updated information about curriculum literature and other teaching materials is published per program on our online learning platform prior to the start of the semester. Information is also available per program on our website.

In addition to literature and other teaching materials, the teaching and other related learning activities are always considered part of curriculum.


The course builds on Web Development 1 and assumes that students have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic programming including object oriented programming.