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Interaction Design 2 (DS4300)


The course aims to give students advanced knowledge of interaction design, and of prototyping (high level) and development of web solutions with a good design. A special emphasis is placed on mobile interfaces.

Learning Outcomes


The student...

  • has advanced knowledge of HCI
  • has advanced knowledge of interaction design and development processes with a focus on mobile web development
  • has advanced knowledge of solution and user evaluations for mobile solutions 
  • has advanced knowledge of prototyping, and how to use this in mobile interaction design projects


The student...

  • is able to develop good interfaces and clickable prototypes for mobile solutions; 
  • is able to participate in the process of developing mobile web solutions with a high user quality
  • is able to carry out user quality tests for mobile solutions, and analyse them. 

General competence

The student...

  • is familiar with various principles of interaction design and be able to participate in developing mobile web solutions. 


Bachelor in Information Technology - Interactive Design

Bachelor in Digital Marketing

Learning activities

The course is taught with a combination of lectures and lab-based teaching.

Student work load

Participation in teaching and supervision - 48 hours

Self-study - 60 hours

Self-preparation for presentation / discussion in class - 32 hours

Student work with projects, productions, assignments, etc. - 0 hours

Independent exercise / lab work / practical work individually or in groups - 20 hours

Examination and preparation for the exam - 40 hours

Recommended total time - 200 hours


No requirements for specific tools, but examples of used tools are Invision and Balsamiq.

Compulsory assignments

No compulsory activity in this course. 


Exam type: Written home exam, individual or in groups (2-5 students)

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail 

Weighting: 100 % of the overall grade

Support materials: All support materials are allowed

Re-sit examination

Resit examination: Individual written home examination with a duration of 2 weeks

Teaching materials

Updated information about curriculum literature and other teaching materials is published per program on our online learning platform prior to the start of the semester. Information is also available per program on our website.

In addition to literature and other teaching materials, the teaching and other related learning activities are always considered part of curriculum.


It is assumed that the students have basic knowledge of HCI and interaction design, and that they have acquired some knowledge of different design principles and what is considered good usability, but at a basic level. This is covered by Interaction Design 1.